This page shows the sites that I made for my clients. Analogs can be found by searching for: “where to order a website” or “where to order an Internet site”. If you look at these sites from a technological point of view, they may seem extremely simple. In principle, it is. Almost any Internet user can make a website on wordpress. The problem here is not what to make a website on, but where to order a website.

Web studios offer to make websites in such a way that their cost is artificially inflated. Someone takes money for working hours, someone for the number of pages. I believe that if a person comes to me on the request “where to order an Internet site”, then he will be least interested in how and on what his project will be implemented. In this case, the result is important. I always get the same result. A high-quality website that will benefit the client. In some cases, it will be used to be the company’s business card on the Internet. In others, it will be assigned the function of advertising the client’s services. In any case, when you come up with the idea of where to order a website, visit this page. See the sample sites. Call or email me. Together, we will decide how best to implement your Internet project.

Yoga Studio website

An example of what a business information site should look like. The price for the website of the yoga studio is 1000 euro. The information site assumes that it will be constantly engaged. Unlike Landing, a business website should be constantly filled with content. You need to work with it. To optimize for search engines…