On this page you will find examples of what is called logo design. This section provides examples of logos that have been developed recently. Developing a logo for a brand or website is an important part of your business. Can a business or product live without a logo? Maybe. Why not? But recently, everyone wants to somehow stand out in the market and therefore the development of a logo becomes quite important for any business.

The business pours quite a lot of money into making logo development a successful solution, one that matches the product or service. At the same time, the designer or developer usually goes about who orders the service. This is wrong. Yes, you can know everything about the product. Know all its parameters and characteristics, but how to wrap it in a beautiful package, give a product or service a shape, make it both unique and easy to remember in the eyes of potential customers, only a graphic design specialist will help you. A person who understands the colorist, fonts and where you will use this logo.

Logo development is a creative process that is born gradually on the basis of various images and associations. This can be a gradual approach to the ideal variant of the outline or a bright flash. Insight, if you will. In any case, logo design is a creative process that takes a huge amount of mental and creative energy.

New Year’s logo

Logo for the New Year’s website price 100 euro. The task was to develop a New Year’s logo. The company is engaged in selling live Christmas trees. Based on these data, it was decided to create a Christmas tree logo. There was enough time for development. The customer was not very interested in having any…