Articles about messengers on this site will be constantly updated with new content the reason for this is quite banal. More and more people are moving from off-line to on-line. It becomes convenient to manage your business not with the help of phone calls, but with the help of smartphones. Why call if you can send anything through the resource: text, sound, video, files. Articles about messengers are created just to introduce people to what they can get from their business if they use applications for communication.

The category of articles about messengers was originally conceived as a section in which materials about what messengers are, their capabilities and disadvantages will be published. But, as the author of a blog about Internet marketing, I do not use a very large number of resources, which I wish for you, and therefore in the articles we will talk about only a few of them. So, for example, about Telegram, I will try to tell as much as possible. In my opinion, at the moment this is the most promising messenger, which should be given maximum attention.