MARKETING from ZIMNENKO.SU in this section, I post information about marketing. You won’t find a theory here. Only practical knowledge and recommendations on how to increase business efficiency. How to ensure that the marketing of your business is effective. So that he works for you, not you for him. This means that I offer for consideration various tools that I use myself or cases that I once learned about or heard about myself.

For example, most conferences devoted to the topic of marketing are based on the fact that you have a successful business. Employees are working. The money goes and you are just fine, and you want to develop further. Practice shows that micro and small businesses are far from it. The processes that take place in the company allow them to keep at some level. But the process does not go further. Marketing in the sense that it is understood in business does not work because of this there are a lot of difficulties.

There are a huge number of successful examples for a new business that is just opening, but no one knows anything about them due to the fact that they are developing and are known only in a certain geographical location. I would like to talk about successful solutions and give my personal opinion, with which you may not agree, on the pages of this resource. Marketing can be a very complex tool, or it can be very simple. It’s all about how you treat him.